Pete Anderson, who has also written for THE GREATES WEBSITE OF ALL TIME, did a bunch of reporting for StyleForum when he was in New York for market week. The highlight was the time he spent checking out Kapital. Normally anything spelled with a K (other than Mortal Kombat, of course) freaks me out and kind of makes me assume you are a Kracist. But the sashiko stitching on the clothing is amazing, so I'm over it. So over it in fact that I really want those trousers with the inserts despite the fact that my friends will inevitably compliment me on my elaborate knee pads. And then inquire about why I need such elaborate knee pads. And then inquire about how I can afford such expensive hippie clothes. Check out Pete’s write up and some of the other brands he visited. Dang, StyleForum is actually a pretty nice resource when it comes to this menswear shit. Wait, no one read that. I mean, I’m invaluable. I add swear words and blowjob jokes to pictures of clothing. YOU GUYS NEED ME, RIGHT? YOU GUYS? ARE YOU THERE? GUYS?