We’ve mentioned Esemplare before and for good reason. This Italian company eschews the slim fit and tapered leg that so many Italians are known for in favor of a baggier, more relaxed silhouette. The fit, combined with the materials utilized, equals a very comfortable winter if you're able to get your hands on their F/W 2012 gear. The fisthail parkas are roomy and relaxed enough for you to layer, but not bulky enough to make you look like you’re wearing one of those inflatable sumo suit things that are so popular at corny outdoor parties. Bombers and blousons are going to be the new varsity jacket so get on that shit, and I hope we start to see way more sweater jackets because, yo, they are sweaters and jackets at the same damn time, which is as self-explanatory as it gets. Your jersey knit? Fuck that. I want merino and cashmere. So yeah, super nice construction, luxe materials, but in kind of a slouchy, radical dumpy fit with muted colors. It’s gauche in how not gauche it is. Feel me? We gonna be so cozy this fall that we nod out like we’re chasing the dragon, son.


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