Do you work at a place with a dress code? Does your office have "casual Fridays?" Consider yourself lucky, not because your place of employment has a dress code, but because Jack Spade and Barbour teamed up to make you a nice little briefcase to carry all those TPS reports. I know, you’re probably thinking, “I’m not trying to get wax rubbed all over my Banana Republic Mad Men limited edition Jon Hamm signed pinstripe trousers my girlfriend bought me for our 7 week anniversary, Barbour.” BUT, there’s a cordura panel that keeps you from getting waxed like a surf board on the way in to work. See? Jack Spade has thought of everything. Now they just need to think of a way for you to quit your job in an epic fashion. Maybe punch your boss in the nutsack? Buy the briefcase, punch your boss in the nutsack, call it a day.