Technodrome"I had bad grades coming out of high school and I thought I was going to play basketball in college [Laughs]. When I kept it real and realized that wasn't going to happen, people suggested that I should go to art school. So, I dormed at Pratt and they actually had a basketball team. They wanted me to be on it and I was like, "Why the fuck would I play D-3 basketball at an art school?" You know what I mean? Be like missing classes, going on bus trips and shit just to lose. The first time the coach came to my dorm room to talk to me I was mad high and that's when I knew I didn't want to play. This dude came in there trying talk me into the shit and I'm like, "Man, we supposed to be getting mad high in here [Laughs]."


"If I would've failed out, it was them telling me that I couldn't be an artist because I didn't have that piece of paper. Fuck that shit."


"All I had to do was put together a portfolio, so that's what I did in the last minute. I had a bunch of shit to submit because I've always made art since I was about 5 years old. I didn't think I was good enough at first, but my brother always told me I was better than everybody else. I don't know if he was lying to me. He would tell me that a teacher said this about me or that people were talking about me, you know? Things like that. When you put that in someone's head it's kinda like "mind over matter," you know what I mean? So, I really did think I was nicer than everyone and I thought that I was supposed to do this. Because I looked up to my brother a lot and he kept telling me I was ill.

"My dad went to Pratt too. He studied architecture there back in the day. He passed away my second year there and it felt mad fucking weird after a while so I decided to transfer to SVA. I felt like I was him or like he was there. I don't know, man, just fucking weird [Laughs]. Because I didn't know him that well and I was still following in his footsteps. The older I get the more people tell me I look just like him [Laughs].

"So, I go to SVA in Manhattan, which was a fucking mistake, but, you learn from mistakes, I guess. Pratt was way better than SVA because it's a place for real artists, you know? It's a more enclosed campus, you're not in the city with people with business suits on. You could really be yourself. Motherfuckers used to go to class wearing their pajamas and shit or costumes or some wild shit [Laughs]. The teachers seemed to be more into what they were doing and I learned all the stuff that I know now from those first two years at Pratt.

"Every other year after that I felt like I shouldn't had been in college. I should've been working or something [Laughs]. I don't know, but you can't take it back. I met a lot of people that I still talk to today from both schools, so that was the best part about it. At SVA, it's more like they tell you, "You can be an artist if you go here." So kids go there—if they could afford it—like, "I'm going there because I'm going to be an artist." So at the end of my time there I was waiting for some shit to happen and that's when I realized that I could do this on my own. No one here is going to fucking turn you into an artist or make you good or whatever. That's what I learned pretty much from college. If you wanna do this shit you gotta just do it.

"It's funny because I almost failed out of Pratt and I'm like, "How the fuck am I failing art classes?" That shit got in my head, I felt like I wasn't good enough. If I would've failed out, it was them telling me that I couldn't be an artist because I didn't have that piece of paper. Fuck that shit.

"SVA wasn't all the way bad, though. I used to hand in art work instead of the test for History class. I told the teacher that I didn't want to be a History teacher, I want to be an artist and they loved that shit [Laughs]. For Film Noir class I used to fall asleep and instead of handing in a paper or whatever, I would draw the star of the movie like Burt Lancaster or some other old nigga. The teacher loved it because he was way into all of the movies and shit.

"My mom passed away too when I was in SVA, so shit got really real and I had the choice to either go live with my brother and not do shit or finish school. A bunch of people told me that I should finish so I just stayed there with all that shit on my brain. I knew I had to focus on my art to graduate and do whatever I was supposed to do when one finishes college. I always said this is what I wanted to do and until I fail, people could talk shit, but it just keeps getting better."