Technodrome"I feel like it was the natural progression of where this shit was going. A lot of people would tell me, "Oh shit, it would be dope if it was moving, yo." And it got to the point where I wanted to see that shit move [Laughs]. So I did and I found a simple way to do it too. It's real lo-tech and I like lo-tech, I don't need any of that fancy shit [Laughs]. I did A$AP Rocky, M.I.A., Tyler the Creator, which is my favorite one, and I recently just did Thor vs. Hulk where he knocks him out with the hammer because I saw The Avengers and that shit blew my mind [Laughs]. I seen a gif of Thor slamming Loki on Tumblr and I was like this movie is going to be the illest movie I've ever seen, I just know it, and when I finally saw it that shit didn't disappoint me, man.

"The reason I started doing these is for someone could see them and hopefully let me do an animated music video that's on TV. Like, "Yo, we need to animate Ghostface [Laughs]." The only thing is, the gifs take like three or four days to do like nineteen pics. I don't like that shit [Laughs]. I'm going to have to get a room of interns to do them for me."