Joshua Williams isn't a supervillan desperately trying to get back to Dimension X while simultaneously battling pizza-eating mutant turtles in the sewers of New York. He's just a kid that was born and raised in Jersey that moved to Brooklyn to make a name for himself. So far he's doing a good job.

Technodrome1, as he's known in the digital art realm, has been hitting the internets in the head with some of the dopest pop art we've seen in awhile. His style has been compared to some of the greats, but it's still unique in its own right. In fact, some of his art is on walls in Paris alongside Warhol. Not too shabby for a guy that started his Internet blitz on his Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr pages. No machine behind him, just good old fashion hustle and word of mouth. Tech bangs out digital pieces like Lil B pumps out videos—in good way. Josh has had a show in NYC and one in Paris, with another one in the near future.

He takes pictures of your favorite icons and adds a hit of acid to them. We've already gave away too much, check our sit-down with Josh to find out Who Is Technodrome1?

As told to Angel Diaz (@graffnameramo)