Owing the government money is a bad thing, so you better make like a Lannister and pay your debts. Unfortunately in the case of former G-Unit rapper Young Buck, that wasn’t the case. The IRS raided his home in 2010 to collect after the rapper failed to pay $300K in unpaid taxes. On top of that guns and ammunition found in the raid got him a nice 18 moth bid in prison. Damn, talk about bad luck.

The IRS recently held an auction to raise money which will be used to pay the rapper's debt. Items including posters, diamond jewelry, fur coats, and more were auctioned off to the public. The hot ticket item was a hard-drive that sold for $3K; sadly the buyer did not know the IRS wiped out all the info, so his dreams of making bank off unreleased tracks were crushed. All in all the auction made of with $53k, which hardly makes a dent, but it helps. [youtube]