Written by Vashtie Kola

After Complex released The 50 Most Stylish (Male) New Yorkers Right Now, there was a lot of chatter. Controversy sparked on why some guys were listed while others weren't, and debates started on why some were given a higher ranking than others. Needless to say, when Complex asked me to write the list of The 50 Most Stylish Women in New York Right Now, I was immediately honored and excited, but my excitement was shortly met with anxiety. I could already feel the claws scratching at my eyes.

50 people seems like a little, but it's actually a lot. I can't just list someone and explain that she was mentioned because she has "rad style." No, I have to explain it in just the right words while citing just the right background information. I spent a lot of time on this list. Complex contributed some names, I added and deleted my picks, I tirelessly researched, wrote about, and listed in order each suitable candidate. 

Style is very important to me, like it is to many. It has nothing to do with the designers one can afford, the stylist one can hire, or the stylish person one can bite. It represents who you are and represents your essence without you having to utter a word. So without further ado, here are The 50 Most Stylish Women in New York Right Now.

Vashtie Kola is a music video director and has directed for artists such as Justin Bieber, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, and Joey Bada$$. She designs her clothing line, Violette and in 2010, became the first woman to collaborate with and design her very own Air Jordan sneaker. She has creative consulted for  Life+Times and Ecko, and also throws a monthly '90s party called 1992.

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