What He's Buying: Supreme x Clarks Desert Mali Low, $158

You’ve seen him a couple of times, mostly on the Internet. Once on a Jake Davis test shot. He doesn’t buy anything. He never needs to. He simply walks in, with his A.P.C. Supreme jeans well-worn as his Vans x Supreme Authentics (or Clarks x Supreme Desert Boots). The sleeves on his chambray shirt are artfully rolled, and he strolls in the shop like he owns the place. The employees know that he was sent here by James Jebbia himself, to pick up a discreetly marked bag in the back, full of artfully-picked products that won’t be out for another ten months… except on this dude’s body. He will instagram them in slivers. A hint of paisley; a drop of khaki camo print. And you. Will. Want. Everything.