Scottish designer Christopher Kane has been making waves ever since he started his namesake line in 2006. As one of London's most buzzed-about designers, it's evident to see why he's been attracting so much attention. His Spring 2012 collection got fashionistas and hypebeasts alike talking. While his womenswear contained floral motifs, his menswear collection drew from car culture: consisting of graphics inspired by the innards of car engines, and thrown on everything from T-shirts to outerwear.

Thom Browne's shrunken suit aesthetic has definitely blown up. His new take on American suiting caught on and influenced many other designers as well as trends, nabbing him a gig designing for Brooks Brothers' Black Fleece collection. He continues to play with color and proportion in his collections, as evidenced in his crazy fashion shows, which often display pieces made just for the show, and never meant to actually go on sale. To people not in fashion though, this tends to create more confusion than desire to cop his newest gear.

Edge: Christopher Kane. Thom Browne is still a G, but Kane's designs not only make us think of  Fashion with a capital F, they also evoke high-end streetwear. Don't be surprised to find some of his products on the backs of your favorite rapper in the near future.