Today started off horribly for the town of Aurora, Colorado when a gunman open fired at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, killing 12 people and injuring another 38. The entire country mourns the losses and send their prayers, while sensitivity is on high. Which is why the Twitterverse is outraged by the recent tweet by online clothing boutique, Celeb Boutique, that you can only see with your own eyes to believe, referencing the trending Aurora topic to their new "Kim K inspired #Aurora dress."

It's been about an hour since the tweet was sent and it is causing quite the stir. Was it a simple mistake of the tweeter not looking at a newspaper, television, anything online or having any human interaction before sending the tweet? [Celeb Boutique]

Update: Celeb Boutique has since tweeted an apology for the offending tweet, citing that their PR is not based in the US, and was not aware of the situation, only that #Aurora was a trending topic: