While we already mentioned Svensson’s footwear earlier, their clothing line also deserves some shine. Svensson may be new to the American scene, but they have been quietly killing it in Sweden for quite some time now. The duo behind the label first started as DJs in Malmo. From there they started a magazine, and a few years later opened up a shop that served as a creative studio, gallery and boutique. It was then that they started making denim utilizing Italian mills and washes. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of dad jeans, Svensson’s got your crack—no one does washes better than the Italians. The other real highlight was Svensson’s knit game. They feature a raised pattern that gives a unique texture and has become a signature look for the brand. And that knitted polo with the ribbed waist is that new shit. Channel your inner 70's coke dealer, lounging by a pool with a too skinny white girl, making deals and threatening lives. Of course that guy would be wearing a pink knitted polo.


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