Instagram is basically the Kim Kardashian of social media — it's hot, it's not going away anytime soon, and it has a tendency towards nudity. Daniel Arnold is one of Instagram's most prolific users, shooting over 3,000 photos a week since August 2011. After snapping a couple of topless female sunbathers at Brooklyn's Fort Tilden beach, the photo went viral, and his account was shut down.

Should Instagram allow nudity? If you follow nightlife photographer Kirillwashere on Twitter, you know that this is a highly discussed topic. "Free Daniel Arnold" messages on Facebook and Twitter unfortunately didn't help his cause, although he now has a new account @arnold_daniel. 

"It exposed what a goofy thing it was that I've been doing. You're sitting here with your stupid fucking cell phone all day, taking pictures of strangers, and thinking you're some kind of artist." [Gawker]

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