Today marks the opening of "Ghosts in the Machine" at the New Museum in NYC, an exhibition that examines the shifting relationship between humans, machines, and art. Spanning over fifty years and seventy artists and writers, it includes both well-known and emerging figures, such as Richard Hamilton, Jeff Koons, Henrik Olesen, Hans Haacke, and Robert Breer.

As a whole, the exhibition displays artists' historically continuous fascination with technology and its implications for society. They foretell the present and future of machines as altering subjective experience, for better or for worse.

Highlighting moments in Optical art, Utopian art, and Futurism, the exhibition forms, as they've coined, "a prehistory of the digital age." People have always had a fascination with machines, and thoughts surrounding the experiential impact of them couldn't be more relevant.

Visit "Ghosts in the Machine," curated by Massimiliano Gioni and Gary Carrion-Murayari, at the New Museum on 235 Bowery in New York, New York, from July 18 through September 30, 2012.

Gallery: 10 Artworks From The New Museum's "Ghosts In The Machine" Exhibition

Stan VanDerBeek
(b. 1927 New York, NY–d. 1984 Baltimore, MD)
Movie-Drome, 1963—66/2012
Dimensions variable
Courtesy the Estate of Stan VanDerBeek