Anachronorm is one of those brands that can still make workwear inspired clothing look fresh and new. The tiger-painting patterned shirt is fucking insano and I guarantee when you wear it you will feel like an Yakuza boss plotting how to take over the numbers racket they run out the back of the tea house. That or you’ll look like that guy with a mean case of Asian fetish who knows too much about sushi and matcha green tea. Either way, you’ll be wearing a cool shirt. The cardigan-hoodie hybrids are 3 star Cozy Boy™ certified, which means you only need, like, two sips of lean to fall asleep. It’s that comfy. Anachronorm also makes some sweet accessories. Does anyone else feel weird calling hats and shit "accessories?" Just me? Cool. Anyways, the denim short brims are dope and the leather scarf cincher-buckle-boyscout-whatever-thing is the new move for the effeminate scarf gang. Check out the rest of the looks on Anachronorm’s site.