If you want to confess your love for playing dress up and call yourself "knowledgeable" on style and fashion, you have to make it through the throes of the online forum. If you can't fit the style and personality mold of a certain forum, what is there to live for? Think your fit is nice today and you wanna show off? Throw it on one of these forums and get your ego chopped down a few levels. Think your latest pick-up is crazy nice? You're wrong, bro. And until you've been trolled for some question you finally got the courage to ask, you haven't made it.

But there's also the camaraderie, the stylish meet-ups and the times you all lusted together over those leaked Scarlett Johannson n00dz. It ain't all about bashing people, that's just 90% of it. It's easy to fit into a forum and become a regular, but you have to know the forum and they type of people that are generally accepted. So take a deep look at your wardrobe and brush up on A Guide To Online Men's Clothing Forums.

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