Written by Safra Ducreay (@SafraD)

We told you about Hublot’s $5 million diamond encrusted wristwatch, but as it turns out expensive watches are quite the norm. While rappers like their gems iced out, dudes topping Forbes billionaire list are most likely sporting intricate pieces made by connoisseurs in lab coats. The result: a piece that looks affordable — 'til you realize it has a hidden button that blasts spider webs and stirs your martinis. Just kidding. But with a tag like that, we wish it did.

When A$AP Rocky’s watch was jacked (then retrieved) at a London gig, he bragged about its $15,000 price tag. Well, after seeing these, it’s obvious the thief could use a bit of cultivation. Not that we condone that type of thing.

If you’re ever curious to see how the big guns get down with watches like these, make sure you check out a Christies or Sotheby’s during their auctions. It’s information overload, but you’ll walk out with some serious knowledge and a sharp eye for what makes a quality piece. Ranked by exorbitance, check out these 25 Watches Over $1 Million.

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