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Lardini’s RVR line is a collection of reversible jackets with technical fabrics like nylon on one side, and more traditional textiles like cotton, linen, or cashmere on the other. This jacket, the Recanati features 100% nylon on one side and a cotton-linen blend on the reverse. The focus of the RVR line is sustainability, functionality, and packability. The RVR line is incredibly light weight and all the jackets come packed into a small bag. They are perfect jackets for traveling. Wear this jacket on the train between Milan and Florence. Oh it’s raining upon arrival? You’ll look like James Bond when you Optimus Prime your cotton/linen jacket into a nylon shell. You don’t care if the rain never evaporates. Don’t worry, though, I bet even James Bond sometimes ate at the McDonald’s in the Florence train station. Did you guys know they have pistachio McFlurries there? Jacket available at Lardini’s online shop.