The Washington Post analyzes the fashion industry's political ties, and asks whether designers support President Obama in hopes the First Lady will wear their designs. According to the news outlet, the two might be related.

Obama is the first presidential candidate that the fashion industry has rallied behind. Throughout his term as President, we've seen him generate both support and money. Not to mention he's also husband to Michelle Obama, who's been known to generate big bucks for any brand she wears.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, excluding jewelry designers and mass-market retailers, nearly 50 percent of American designers worn by the Firs Lady donated to the President's 2008 or 2012 campaign. Amongst other things, The Washington Post's Katherine Boyle notes that as Michelle's influence in the fashion industry grows, the more designers donate to the campaign.

The First Lady's spokeswoman insists that the her wardrobe choices aren't linked to the designers' support. “The first lady thinks that women should wear whatever makes them feel good and be comfortable,” she told the Washington Post. “That’s how the first lady chooses her own clothes and based on no other considerations.”

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