Sabotaz 80 is a good quality spray paint at an affordable price. When Sabotaz was first imported into America some years back, it was a crappy spray paint that would have had trouble making this list. Cosmos Lac; Sabotaz’s parent company continues make upgrades on the spray’s formula. A new brand of Sabotaz 80 called Sigma 80 should make it to the States by late summer. Initial tests have Cosmos Lac and their artists hailing Sigma as good as or better than MTN 94, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, as far as the quality of the current Sabotaz spray paint goes; If Molotow’s Belton and German Montana brand spray paints had a baby, Sabotaz would be the “Walgreens” generic brand located on the same shelf. Possible side effects may include occasional flaking on certain surfaces.
Sabotaz comes in 120 colors and is available in a matte finish. Oinkartltd is the official distributer of Sabotaz in the United States, but it appears as though Oink is currently out of stock. It usually sells for around $4.00 a can.