To be frank; today’s Krylon Multi Purpose aerosol spray paint covers poorly. 15 years ago; Krylon would have made #2 on this list. Over the years, instead of catering to artists, the Sherwin-Williams company (Krylon’s parent company) decided to shun the Street art community and cater to D.I.Y.‘ers and craft enthusiasts, and they even have created a program called ”Graffiti Hurts”. Graffiti Hurts is a graffiti abatement program which encourages working with police to stop illegal art before it happens, and is “designed to address the growing graffiti problem in urban areas and small towns”. A few years back, Krylon changed its valve system to a male valve rendering the spray far less controlled and less clean overall.

Krylon retails for around $3.99 per can at Walmart (price varies per store) and is still widely available in many Paint & Hardware Stores across the United States. If Krylon is all that you have; it can get your message across, however it is not even in the same ballpark of what it used to be.