Ironlak is the premier Chinese made, very high pigment paint. The paint is thick and its reasonably priced. Ironlak has some of the World’s greatest artists on their sponsorship team.

Back when Ironlak debuted, it was the cutting edge of Graffiti technology. In the time since, many companies have tried to imitate them and yet Ironlak is still the king of Chinese paint for now. ‘Lak has unprecedented cap compatibilities and an awesome valve. The colors are screaming vibrant and the black and the white cans are unbelievably good. However, the valve, and the thickness of the paint does tend to clog caps and cans on occasion.

In the past couple of years, Ironlak has begun to drip ever so slightly. It is note-worthy, because originally you could spray Ironlak at the same spot on a wall for a real-time 20 seconds and the pigments would just build-up in that one spot with zero drips at all. Also personally; I can’t stand the dodgy vanilla scent, but its just a matter of preference, and some artists absolutely love it.

Ironlak is made for graffiti and art, and it is awesome spray paint. Ironlak’s only real flaw is certain color’s tendency to fade in a short period of time.