Clash and Beat spray paints are made by the same company in Italy but for two different purposes under two different labels. Clash is a medium pressure, highly opaque paint line and Beat is a low pressure line, both are available in 130 colors, and both use the standard European valve system. Both spray paints are designed for graffiti and graffiti art, but they come with a stock tip that is not up to today’s cap quality standards.

Clash seems like the better over-all brand of the two, Its an all-around paint that in some ways feels like a cheap MTN that dries a bit quicker but its nowhere near as sophisticated.  Just as a heads-up; Clash has this annoying ring that gets in the way of painting sometimes and is quite hard to remove. Clash retails for $4.75 before shipping, and its available at 004 Connec.

Beat paint is very thick and it is a low pressure spray; but those two characteristics do not necessarily equate to opaque and quality lines. Its retails for $5.95 plus... you guessed it: shipping! Clash is available at