When you're responsible for putting together an annual fashion and lifestyle tradeshow that spans two continents and four major cities, it's almost guaranteed that some batshit crazy things will go down between all the jetsetting. Okay, batshit crazy may be an overstatement, but at the very least some interesting stories will be had. Take Mark McNairy as a fine example. The eclectic designer, known for his wonky steez and, sometimes, even wonkier attitude, has been involved with (capsule) show for years and We Are The Market (the blog arm of (capsule)) recently documented one of his more memorable encounters from Paris a year and a half ago. When McNairy, Derek Buse and Michael Williams heard about a cool bar at The Ritz, they hopped in a cab and tried moseying their way into the swanky hotel.

Big mistake. The doorman took one look at McNairy (decked out in camouflage cargo pants and blue/yellow suede bucks) and showed him the door before he even reached it, concluding that his signature "wardrobe could not be tolerated." As Mark and crew's attempts at gaining entrance seemed more and more futile, the big guns at GQ, like a bunch of modern day Gandalf the White's, strolled out of the hotel just in time to ask our unsavory travelers why they were standing out in the cold like idiots. When told of their dilemma, Creative Director Jim Moore immediately whispered some Illuminati shit to the doorman and within minutes, the doors opened faster than you could say, "Actually, your shitty dress code will not be tolerated, bitch." McNairy: 1, Doormen everywhere: 0.