The Sig Other

Do's: From Burberry to Bape, there's an abundance of amazing prints out there right now and it would be a crying, crying shame if the crazy print era came and went and no guy took advantage. In this moment, there is a rare ticket to rock crazy shit and look crazy cool. The window won't last forever though, and there's no better time than 100 degree weather to say, eff it, and wear a shirt emblazoned with palm trees and gorilla-head-sunsets on it.

Don'ts: Wearing your double monks to pick up the laundry/at the beach/as house slippers. Those dubs dudes saved all winter for what might be the crowning glory of their wardrobe, and rightfully so, but there's nothing more eye roll worthy than a dude that doesn't know when to put the style maven baton down. It's sweaty, and hot and not fancy out there in the summer—please, wear a pair of crappy sneakers or espadrilles when buying gum at the corner bodega and save your Lobbs for something more worthy of their rareness.