Club Monaco's recent evolution is one for the record books assuming you're the type of guy who keeps a running record of menswear related activity (which would make you as strange as us, actually). Regardless, the point is very simple - Club Monaco has stepped their game up at such an exponential rate that if you're not checking on them daily, you're slipping up. So let's point the finger before our adoration goes off the rails anymore than it already has. Aaron Levine, the newish Head of Men's Design, is absolutely getting after it.  His sensibility and pedigree (Hickey, Rogues Gallery, Jack Spade) have transformed Club Monaco from "Oh yeah, that's that kinda classy mall brand right?" to "Oh yeah, that's that incredible brand that you can happen to get conveniently in a mall." We recently swung by the Fall/Holiday 2012 preview and are pleased to report that it's more of the same. MORE OF THE SAME KILLER MENSWEAR, THAT IS. Shit, we just went off the rails again, didn't we? You need to plan on getting your ass into a Club Monaco and fast. We're talking completely unstructured suits in the $600 range, some of the best outerwear that's ever existed at Club Monaco's pricepoints and the kind of fine accessories that incite heavy mouth breathing while scrolling your Tumblr dashboard. Ultimately, Club Monaco is finding its new look. Thanks to Aaron, and brand consultant Michael Williams, the menswear has a cohesive vision, and an extremely stylish one at that. Look no further than Club Monaco's recent lookbook. Everything has come together to form a body of work that's ahead of the curve and, best of all, easy for you to get your hands on. We give up, consider us officially off the rails.

Photography by Amardeep Singh