Poler Stuff has been gaining steam for a minute now, mostly outfitting skaters, surfers, and snowboarders with gear and good vibes. The brand's "Camp Vibes" slogan sums up the mentality behind the product pretty succinctly. The offerings are a mix of fashionable and functional—camo trucker caps and rucksacks, as well as tents and headlamps. The full-body sleeping bag hoody, known as The Napsack, takes the cake for most inventive and fun-lovable product anyone has made in 2012.

To show off the wears and instill "Camp Vibes" in the people, Poler Stuff has been producing a series of "Adventures" on the brand's website. Foster Huntington shoots surfing in Nicaragua, the crew goes camping in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, and fishing and camping in Australia shot by Rohan Anderson. There are a bunch more. See them all here and check out the new gear for summer here. Enjoy the adventure.