You guys. Have you seen the new Louis Vuitton video, er, short film titled "When Los Angeles Is a Man..."? It's sort of like David Lynch meets Bret Easton Ellis to make a commercial for a men's fragrance called something like "Pleasurotica for Men." It's all dusky light, tuxedos, landscapes, trembling guitars, and an overdubbed narrator that sounds like Clint Eastwood, or, at least, a decent Clint Eastwood impersonator. He says things like "L.A. has a vague, cool restlessness." Which is such a vague, cool thing to say. It's written and directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut, and it's part of a series LV is doing on cities, "using gender as a lens to interpret each city's identity." I can't wait to see "When Newark is a Tranny Hooker..." Watch the video here.