Dearest London,

I love you. You've got great pubs, a fond appreciation for my favorite kind of football and a reliable tube system. More importantly, you have cute girls with those accents that make me give up my SSN, PIN and credit card information when they ask politely. And for all those reasons, and more, we're totally cool.

But London, I'm a fickle man, and when something rubs me the wrong way, I tend to get on the internet and complain about it, like everyone else these days. This time, it's the selection of truly awful headwear that your otherwise fine citizens seem to have an overwhelming penchant for. The type of dumb as fuck hats that makes me turn to the other photographers and go, "I'm going to do a series on this," and they laugh, thinking I'm joking, but, the thing is, I'm not. It's really that bad. And it's about time someone stepped in and addressed this issue on behalf everyone with good taste everywhere.

See, I'm not mad, London. I'm just disappointed. So many of you dress so well, and honestly, most cities should look up to you, and they do. I think that's why I'm so frustrated, London. It's not me you let down, its all the little cities out there that take sartorial queues from you.

So London, I must ask, because I really am quite curious, "The fuck is on your head, bro?"

Love always,

Liam Goslett

Liam Goslett is a photographer living in Toronto. His coverage of London Fashion Week can be found here. See more of his photography here and follow him on Twitter here