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So Pitti Uomo is underway for the spring 2012/2013 season, and to the average Complex reader that means absolutely nothing unless Kanye West is there eating lunch with The Sartorialist and 24 other people.

Basically, Pitti Uomo is part of the Pitti Immagine company's ongoing rotation of fashion fairs, and to editors, buyers, and fashion bloggers, it's like that horn in "Game of Thrones" that lets the Night's Watch know that shit is about to get really real. It signals the beginning of another super-busy month of collections, debuts, and pretty much deciding what the fashion Illuminati deems cool for the next season.

Four Pins is out there on the scene, and enlisted blogger Noah Emrich to lace them with requisite street style shots. You might see some familiar faces in this line-up from our earlier piece about veterans of style. See if you can match 'em up.  [Four Pins]