Heat waves are sweeping the nation by storm. It's so bad, people don't even want to step outside, let alone be active in it. With sweat dripping from you, how in the world are you supposed to stay cool? Columbia has found a way and it may cause severe mind explosion. The outdoor brand introduces the Omni-Freeze Zero fabric, which turns your sweat into a cooling agent. 

As Fast Company explains, the fabric contains blue rings of polymer that absorb moisture, and instead of evaporating, causes a mechanical reaction that mixes with the energy from your body that creates a cooling sensation that lasts as long as the fabric stays wet. The fabric doesn’t actually need to soak in your sweat to activate. Even if your skin has the slightest bit of moisture, the passive cooling effect will begin, seeming to peak in about a minute.

The Omni-Freeze Zero fabric with be available Spring 2013 in over 40 products ranging from bandanas to shoes. Check out the beta test for the fabric above and we will assuredly keep you informed on any developments on this awesomeness coming from Columbia. [Fast Co]