With menswear's various market weeks upon us, we figured we'd turn to our friends at (capsule), which just so happens to be one of the best menswear tradeshows in the game, to get a little metaphorical on your asses. (capsule)'s own James Harris—admittedly, a good friend of Four Pins—breaks things down:

"Menswear nerd (and apparently overall nerd) Lawrence Schlossman [Editor's note: Is it possible to be offended by something that's true?] told us that (capsule) is comparable to a 'sandbox world'—the phrase used to describe open platforms in video games where anything and everyone interacts, engages and makes plans to conquer worlds. Well, we’re flattered that (capsule) is seen as a site where boundless creative thought can bounce around and result in further innovative progression. Led by some of the most recognizable characters above, we’re set to open up this world again and do what we do every season—try to take over the world. [Editor's note: Pinky & The Brain, much?]"

(capsule) S/S 13 kicks off this Friday in Paris.

Illustration by Ben Lamb.