Buff Monster stared collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards in second grade. He knew that a painter was behind the images, but it wasn't until 2001 that he discovered the original artist—John Pound. A pencil sketch by pound was Buff Monster's first purchase of original art.

An homage to Pound, Buff Monster's "The Melty Misfits" are his life's work. Produced in association with Sidekick Labs, these trading cards are reproduced from original acrylic and airbrush paintings (just like GPK!). The back of each card features a puzzle or checklist. Each unopened box includes a full complete set of trading cards and (yes, there is more!) one box contains a golden ticket redeemable for an original Buff Monster painting.

All items are for sale at The Melty Misfits or Buff Monster's own website starting today.