For two guys who happened to be such big fans of each other work, it was practically a miracle that Mark McNairy and Danny Brown hadn't linked up already to make some magic. Born from a Twitter friendship, which, not surprisingly, is kinda how everyone meets these days, comes Mark McNairy S/S 13. When planning the lookbook Mark wondered what any normal menswear designer would, “Do you think Danny Brown would wanna model?” Like we said, totally normal. It didn't take a lot of convincing for the fashion loving Brown to sign on and, just like that, one of the most unique and fascinating rappers working today had teamed up with his designer counterpart. The kinship was not lost on the Detroit rapper, "Man, that was a huge day for me. I felt like I learned a lot in the small time we kicked it. I mean, he dressed me better than I ever dressed myself. Just learning that he's a 51 year old designer competing in a young man's game made me feel a connection with him 'cause I feel I'm sort of the same way. We're both just taking classic pieces and adding new color to them."

Just in case things weren't weirdly awesome enough, Kitty Pryde was invited to tag along and hang out - her oft professed love of Danny Brown certainly didn't hurt. "It was everything I've ever wanted to happen in one day," she said, without failing to mention, "plus a lot of sweating."

Thankfully everyone's surreal time together was documented for our viewing pleasure, while we wait for the resulting lookbook to drop later this month. It all feels like The Internet remixed, which, when you think about it, is basically real life.

According to Mark it's "THE GREATEST LOOKBOOK EVER" and anything that's good enough for McNasty is good enough for us.

Mark McNairy S/S 13 debuts at Capsule Paris, June 29-July 1.

Photography by Lee Clower.