And just like that, seemingly out of nowhere, another set of Clams Casino instrumentals exists for your enjoyment. In case you've been off the grid for the past year (or just don't use the internet that much, in which case, how'd you wind up here?), Clammy Clams is a New Jersey-based producer whose vibe can only be described by using at least three different vague genres of music separated by arbitrary placed hyphens in an attempt to verbalize something that's impossible to verbalize - kinda like this sentence. Like all good music, it's hard to pin down. This dreamlike mixtape of instrumentals features older goodies like Unchain Me”, produced for Lil B's album I'm Gay, as well as more recently popular tracks like “Wassup” by A$AP Rocky. This collection even manages to outdo his critically-acclaimed first mixtape from last year. After what already feels like countless spins, our favorite track is the spacey, dense, white noise packed track “One Last Thing” produced for Mac Miller. Download the entire tape and have a listen.