I never really understood the supposed conundrum presented by the denim shirt. The fabric is versatile, comfortable and durable. My favorite iteration has to be the western denim shirt. A good western shirt should have nice hardware and sturdy construction. Classic vintage shirts were made with mother of pearl buttons and most will have longer tails than the average sport shirt you—never know when you’ll have to jump on a horse like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in True Lies (granted, he's not wearing a western shirt here, but it's probably the only thing that would make this scene even more legendary.

I know you hear it all the time, but invest in a good shirt and it will only get better the longer you break it in. A denim shirt will also look great underneath the six fucking double breasted blazers you bought on Yoox over the past year, you trend humping fool. No sweat though, we copped 8 if we're chillen in the trust tree. I’m not even mad at denim on denim as long as the shades are at least a little different. That's when you’ll look like a goddamn Rothko painting. And girls with sad eyes who didn't fail their art history class will find you irresistible.