Levi's Red Tab and Arcuate

Brand: Levi's
Design Signature: Red tab and arcuate pocket

The Levi's arcuate made its debut on a patent filed on May 20, 1873. Originally called "waist overalls," the first design just had one back pocket with the arcuate stitching. Levi Strauss might have designed these with miners and folks wanting to cash in on the Gold Rush in mind, but he would go on to make his own fortune. As the brand grew, the red tab and arcuates remained largely the same. Some notable changes include World War II, when the jeans makers actually painted the arcuates on in order to save thread during the war effort, and 1971, when the red tab "LEVI'S" was changed to the little e "LeVI'S." Vintage Levi's enthusiasts use that, among many other tactics, to differentiate authentic old jeans from modern reproductions.