Jerry's Girlfriend's Apartment

Series: Seinfeld
New York, NY

Over the course of Seinfeld Jerry, George, and Elaine became more and more amoral, while Kramer, and the plots became wackier with each passing year. The final season is largely hit or miss, but the "Merv Griffin" episode is definitely one of the brighter spots.

Jerry's girlfriend of the week is a woman with an insanely vast rare toy collection, passed down by her late father. Jerry gives two shits about her, but becomes obsessed with playing with the toys. Of course, she'd rather he didn't. It doesn't take him long before he resorts to drugging her so she passes out for hours at a time.

Soon, George is coming over to get in on the fun, and Elaine relents when news of a vintage Easy Bake Oven appeal to her inner child. Like we said, amoral, but it's still funny because of the sheer glee they take in her collection; her apartment might as well be FAO Schwartz. Oh and the decor is nice too, but who really cares...she's got the original G.I. Joe!