On Classic Hip-Hop Tattoos

"My stomach tattoo was from when I was younger, I saw some bikers with these crazy letters on their stomachs and I was like 'I want some biker shit on me.'  Then Tupac came out wit the 'Thug Life' and I was mad —I thought I was the first. Tupac came out and the street thing and I thought 'aw shit.'

"Naughty By Nature's Treach, the famous teddy bear! Alright, I think that was dope too. In my home town, Ashville, people were copying tattoos. The Fifth Ward Boys from back in the day, they had the Fifth Ward Boy tattoo with a gun and it was pointed out to the world. Everyone loved that tattoo and wanted to get the Fifth Ward Boys tattoo. The TRU tattoo, made famous by No Limit, Tuki had the record for Tru tattoos done in a day."

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