On Breaking Urban Tattoo Stereotypes

"There was an older white guy, he did hood flash. He did a girl holding a pitbull, and he had all the pitbull flash. He had the TRU, a Tupac cross. Stuff like that man. To a point where we were new we had to move away to gain legitimacy. We had people getting No Limit tanks tattooed like it was the thing to do.

"I apprenticed with Julia Alphonso at West End Tattoos in Atlanta. Tattooing was new to the black community, she was saying 'you got to feed them in baby steps.' And for me too. Flash can make you a better tattoo artist, that’s what I didn’t understand. Flash will make your outlines clean and will make you a better tattoo artist. Slowly, I went to her with an idea to make Wednesday custom day. Then all the sudden people, started booking appointments where I could do anything I wanted. My style grew from there."