There seems to be nothing stopping Louis Vuitton these days. For the seventh year in a row Bloomberg ranks Louis Vuitton as most valuable brand amongst its luxury peers. Following at second and third spots are Hermes and Rolex. This year is the first time Prada has cracked the top 10 ranking at number six. Gucci dropped in value but still managed hold on to a spot in the top 10.  Check the list below for the complete list of rankings and earnings.  

1. Louis Vuitton, $25.9 billion, up 7%

2. Hermes, $9.1 billion, up 61%

3. Rolex, $7.17 billion, up 36%

4. Chanel, $6.7 billion

5. Gucci, $6.4 billion (down 14%)

6. Prada, $5.7 billion (first time in top 10)

7. Cartier, $4.8 billion

8. Hennessy, $4.6 billion

9. Moet & Chandon, $4.2 billion

10. Burberry, $4.09 billion


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