Your Only Heroes Are Street Style All-Stars

No, we're not dissing how your favorite street style idol dresses, but if your goal in life is to do what they do — well, you're focusing on the wrong thing. If you think running around New York and Europe getting your photo taken is an actual career path, you're in for one hell of a wake-up call. The kind of men who repeatedly find themselves in front of a camera have very real jobs. Be they editors, buyers, merchandisers, or stylists, the point is, they're men who happen to work in the fashion industry — which like any other industry, has its vanguards that excel in a particular field. One of those fields is not "gets his picture taken real good."

If your end goal is a fashion industry job, do your research on career paths. Do you like tracking trends and what kinds of pieces sell out in stores? Consider buying. Are you a fan of nerding about details in clothes and writing about them? Think about journalism. Do you want to be rich as fuck and be able to fly models to St. Barts? Umm... should've majored in Finance, dog.