One of the main gripes editors and journalists have against bloggers is their lack of distaste. Look, it's cool that a particular brand wants to work with you, but sometimes co-signing yourself with a brand that's either out of your usual range or a straight-up corporate machine is a bad look. Bloggers have an advantage over mainstream media outlets because they usually don't have to bow down to the whims of corporate advertisers  — meaning you can talk shit freely about whatever you want. 

If you're just starting out, write down a list of smaller companies you're really interested in and want to work with, and then make another list of stuff you wouldn't be caught dead in and label it something along the lines of "THAT'S THAT SHIT I DON'T LIKE" and go from there.

What separates the corny bloggers from people who genuinely have something to say is that the former are just in it to sell out as quickly as possible, and the latter actually want to cultivate relationships with brands they fuck with organically, develop a target audience, and be the expert in a niche they create themselves. Down the line, larger companies (and their bank accounts) will take notice, and you'll still be at a point where you can do things your way, not theirs.