You Lack Self-Awareness

If you're reading this list and find yourself getting increasingly angry, chill the fuck out. Breathe in and out deeply, and repeat the following phrase: "I am not saving lives." Because you're not, and anyone who writes about clothing — men's clothing in particular, knows it's really not that serious. When the zombie apocalypse finally comes, your expansive knowledge of English bench-made shoes won't matter.

Yes, blogging is fun, and gaining followers and fans is cool, but respect is still earned, and not given. The point is, if you can't embrace your own corniness and flaws, your haters can still use that against you. Remember the end of 8 Mile when B-Rab just goes in on Papa Doc while acknowledging his white trash upbringing and the fact that lives at home? So roll with the punches, and don't be afraid to throw a couple of witty jabs back. That's what twitter is for, right?