You Just Discovered Streetwear Two Weeks Ago

Life before #menswear was a dark place full of flip-flops, baggy button downs, and polo shirts with popped collars. You know better now. Tumblr has shown you the light. You found love in a double monk strap shoe. But sometimes you get tired of looking so goddamn handsome all the time. 

That's when you went to Lafayette Street for the first time not to get a taco at La Esquina or brunch at Cafe Select, but to "cop some jawnz," as the kids say.

To you, streetwear is a new horizon. Five-panel caps and Futura artwork provide the perfect contrast to your otherwise grown-up wardrobe. Yes, you wanted classy, but now you're attracted to a certain downtown grittiness. You are the streetwear phoenix, reborn through the ashes of Superfuture and Tumblr, proudly taking menswear to a place where it hasn't been before: the streets.

Except it totally has, and it's been there for about 20 years. Menswear and streetwear have had a parallel relationship long before Kanye West wore Jordans with a sportcoat. Glenn O'Brien wore Supreme long before he was offered a GQ shoot with Tyler, The Creator. This is not a new thing, but it is a trend that is coming back, because fashion is cyclical. As #menswear continues to keep its head so far up its ass that it can no longer see where shit comes from, there's no doubt that more guys will opt for more casual gear in the near future.