Bulky wallets and phones sticking out of our pockets can get annoying, but guys that carry heat have a different kind of problem. Gun owners who live in states that issue permits to carry concealed weapons worry about carrying their heaters in public. The Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry Chino offers the discretion they're looking for.

The pants are part of Woolrich’s Elite Series Tactical. Offered in colors black and khaki, the pants look like a normal pair of chinos, but they offer an extra feature for your gun. The pants are constructed with a hidden chamber which is accessible through an invisible zipper. Also featured are two knife openings, just in case you carry those too, you psycho. Hey it's 2012, we’re all for the 2nd amendment and constitutional rights, but it’s hard to carry a gun around without scaring the living hell out of everyone. If you're into it though, visit the Woolrich website to purchase for $65. [woolrichelite via nytimes]

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