The Eternity Ring

Estimated Price: $32,400 at Avianne and Co.

Izzy: "The next ring I have here is called the 'prong setting' and this is the eternity engagement ring. That’s what I call this one. Not too many people have this design, this is one of the designs that we created. This matches the eternity wedding bands, I think you’ve heard of those, where you have the diamonds going all the way around. People usually get those after 5-10 years together, so it depends on the person and whether they want to spend money on the eternity ring or not.

In the center of this ring, you have a 2.09 carat, SI1 quality diamond. For a stone like that you’d be in the neighborhood of about $30,000 because you’re over 2 carats and the list on these stones is very high. And then you have the ring, which would be in the neighborhood of $2,000, so you’d be around $32,000. We can always shrink the center stone. You don’t have to spend $30,000 on it, this is just one of the rings I have available in stock. We can always make the same ring for $10,000. We put a 1.5 carat stone in the middle and make smaller stones on the sides. We can always shrink the ring to fit the price."