DIamond Clarity

Izzy: "The next thing I recommend when looking into a diamond is the clarity. Clarity meaning what’s inside of the stone. I recommend the lowest clarity diamond to go for is an SI diamond. Meaning SI1 or SI2. Even with an SI2 stone, you can't see the imperfections with the naked eye. It’s impossible. Especially if it’s GIA-certified. After SI there’s VS quality, which is 'Very Slightly Included.' It’s even harder to find with a loop. Even if you have a loop that has a 10x, 10 times closer you can see than the eye, basically you can see 10 times closer into the stone. It’s very hard to find the inclusions. Then you have VVS diamonds which is 'Very Very Slightly Included.' You would need a microscope to actually see something. And then flawless diamonds, which a lot of people don’t even buy."