ZEVS, Hong Kong

Date: 2009.

Location: Two weeks prison, suspended. 

In Hong Kong for an exhibition of his "liquidated logos," French street artist ZEVS kicked things off by placing a dripping, black pair of Chanel C's above the window of the local Armani flagship. He was arrested with two local residents at around 4am, and appeared in court the next day. He pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage.

Prosecutors said that part of the facade would have to be removed and replaced entirely at a cost of roughly $870,000 USD. ZEVS called the sum "surrealistic" [sic] and said he had deliberately used a water-based paint that had proven easy to remove before.

While waiting to face trial, ZEVS spent several weeks in jail. During that time, he arranged for a European graffiti-removal team to come and scrub the building with a special solution.

At trial he was given two weeks jail, wholly suspended. The owners of the building reportedly attempted to sue him again for damages.