PER, DAIM and HESH, New York

Date: 1995.

Punishment: PER: Community service. DAIM and HESH: Unknown.

In the summer of 1995, PER met up with DAIM and HESH from Germany in the South Bronx. Their plan that day was to do a legal mural on a "formerly desecrated" handball court with full permission of the school's principal.

While painting they were watched and photographed by the vandal squad. A short time later all three were arrested in front of waiting news crews. DAIM and HESH had their passports confiscated.

All three were charged with unknown offenses. PER was given community service because he couldn't provide written proof that all the legal walls he'd secured through verbal agreements over the years were done with permission. The principal was given a public reprimand for "permitting vandalism on city-owned property."